Came up with a new positioning big idea that will remind and celebrate women for their unwavering spirit in a world where they are told who to be and how to act‭.‬ Solution: Audacity To Be. A brand platform that aims to remind women of isibindi abanaso (their audacious nature) through a film series of relatable scenarios that break societal norms. From being your loud audacious self, to embracing your soft side in corporate environments, to knowing your worth and choosing yourself.
Hunters CIDER 
Hunter’s was faced with declining sales and even worse sentiment numbers on their socials. Throughout the year we were posed with many problem-solving briefs, and this body of work is our attempt to tackle it
Lockdown Level 3 hit South Africans hard. It meant several things: we couldn't visit our loved ones, there was a ban on tobacco and all leisure activities and gatherings like restaurants, pubs and gyms were forbidden. Absa wanted us to create an internal campaign to remind their staff of the core rules of COVID-19 so we can help curb the spread. We created an alphabet, to remind people that defeating COVID-19 was still in their hands, and it was all down to the things they do everyday. 

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