Brief and Creative Way In
Launch Scottish Leader’s Moonchild Limited Edition‭ ‬and defy whisky norms by‭ ‬celebrating with‭ ‬an unconventional face as the‭ ‬face of a whisky campaign‭.

‭#‬BRAVEMAKESIT‭. ‬We want to change the face of whisky by‭ ‬using Moonchild to take over the cover of GQ‭, ‬a traditionally‭ ‬men’s lifestyle magazine‭, ‬in celebration of the people who own their brave and stand out from the norm‭. ‬We ran a social competition to cast brave faces to star on the fold out GQ‭ ‬cover with Moonchild Sanelly‭.​​​​​​​

Agency and Creative Director: Grey WPP/Liquid with Felix Kessel
Art Direction: André de Jager, Ayesha Kaprey
Production: GQ South Africa
Photographer: Sven Kristian Styling: Jason Basson​​​​​​​

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