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Launch Scottish Leader’s new Supreme Sherry Cask Whisky‭ ‬and defy whisky norms by flipping classical opulence on its head‭.‬
#‬TasteTheNewSupreme by recreating classic paintings‭, ‬old signs of opulence‭, ‬for what supreme means in 2022‭ ‬and launch our new variant at the centre of our new‭ ‬“masterpiece”‭. ‬
We used this key graphic to create a social media campaign celebrating‭ the new Supreme.‬

Agency and Creative Director: Grey WPP/Liquid with Felix Kessel
Art Direction / Copywriting: André de Jager, Ayesha Kaprey
Illustration: Carmen Ziervogel
Styling: Chloe Andrea Welgemoed​​​​​​​

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